IRB Women's Sevens World Series (2012/2013) is the inaugural edition of the IRB Women's Sevens World Series, organized by the IRB annual series of tournaments for women's national teams in the Rugby Sevens.

In October 2012 the IRB announced that the season will consist of four tournaments - in Dubai, Houston, Guangzhou and Amsterdam - played in the from November 2012 to May 2013. Only the first one will be held in conjunction will be the 2012 Dubai Sevens with the men, while the others will be a separate competition. The number of teams in each of the events set at twelve, six of which participates in all competitions of the season, while others might be identified by elimination or rankings of the six regions reporting to the IRB .[1]

2012–13 Itinerary
Leg Venue Date Winner
Dubai The Sevens, Dubai 30 Nov–1 Dec 2012 Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand
United States BBVA Compass Stadium, Houston 1–2 February 2013 Flag of England.png England
China Guangzhou University City Stadium, Guangzhou 30–31 March 2013 Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand
Netherlands NRCA Stadium, Amsterdam 17–18 May 2013 Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand

The competitionEdit

As in the case of male competition series winner will be the team that the entire season will score the most points awarded for winning various places in each event. Each of the twelve team competition accumulate, six of which (Flag of Australia.png Australia, Flag of Canada.jpg Canada, Flag of England.png England, Template:Country data NLD, Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand, Flag of United States.png United States) is a series of regular participants (core teams), while others might be identified through regional qualifying.

Points scheduleEdit

The season championship will be determined by points earned in each tournament. The scoring system, similar to that used in the men's IRB Sevens, was announced shortly before the season kicked off.

  • Cup Winner - 20
  • Cup Runner Up - 18
  • 3rd Place - 16
  • Cup Semi Finalist - 14
  • Plate Winner - 12
  • Plate Runner Up - 10
  • Winner 7th/8th play-off - 8
  • Loser 7th/8th play-off - 6
  • Bowl Winner - 4
  • Bowl Runner Up - 3
  • Winner 11th/12th play-off - 2
  • Loser 11th/12th play-off - 1


POSTeamUnited Arab EmiratesUnited StatesChinaNetherlandsTotal
1 Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand2014202074
2 Flag of England.png England820181460
3 Flag of Canada.jpg Canada108161852
4 Flag of United States.png United States418141248
5 Flag of Australia.png Australia14168846
6 Flag of Russia.png Russia121201640
7 Flag of Netherlands.png Netherlands61010430
8 Flag of South Africa.png South Africa1860327
9 Flag of Spain.jpg Spain16001026
10 Flag of Brazil.png Brazil146112
Template:Country data IRE0012012
12 Flag of France.png France30069
13 Flag of China.png China20327
Flag of Japan.png Japan03407
15 Flag of Argentina.png Argentina02002
Flag of Fiji.png Fiji00202
17 Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.png Trinidad and Tobago01001
Flag of Tunisia.png Tunisia00101


Round 1: DubaiEdit

Main article: 2012 Dubai Women's Sevens
  Semi-finals Final
1 December – Dubai
 Flag of Australia.png Australia  14  
 Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand  28  
1 December – Dubai
     Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand  41
   Flag of South Africa.png South Africa  0
Third place
1 December – Dubai 1 December – Dubai
 Flag of South Africa.png South Africa  19  Flag of Australia.png Australia  15
 Flag of Spain.jpg Spain  17    Flag of Spain.jpg Spain  17

Round 2: United StatesEdit

Main article: 2013 USA Women's Sevens
  Semi-finals Final
2 February – Houston
 Flag of England.png England  19  
 Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand  12  
2 February – Houston
     Flag of England.png England  29
   Flag of United States.png United States  12
Third place
2 February – Houston 2 February – Houston
 Flag of United States.png United States  17  Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand  12
 Flag of Australia.png Australia  5    Flag of Australia.png Australia  17

Round 3: ChinaEdit

Main article: 2013 China Women's Sevens
  Semi-finals Final
31 March – Guangzhou
 Flag of England.png England  19  
 Flag of Canada.jpg Canada  0  
31 March – Guangzhou
     Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand  19
   Flag of England.png England  5
Third place
31 March – Guangzhou 31 March – Guangzhou
 Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand  24  Flag of United States.png United States  5
 Flag of United States.png United States  12    Flag of Canada.jpg Canada  17

Round 4: NetherlandsEdit

Main article: 2013 Netherlands Women's Sevens
  Semi-finals Final
17 May – Amsterdam
 Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand  24  
 Flag of Russia.png Russia  10  
18 May – Amsterdam
     Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand  33
   Flag of Canada.jpg Canada  24
Third place
17 May – Amsterdam 18 May – Amsterdam
 Flag of England.png England  7  Flag of Russia.png Russia  26
 Flag of Canada.jpg Canada  12    Flag of England.png England  5


  1. International Rugby Board (4 October 2012). IRB announces Women's Sevens World Series. Press release. Retrieved on 4 October 2012.

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