2011 Sevens Grand Prix Series
Host nations Flag of France France
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of Romania Romania
Date 18 June 2011 - 17 July 2011
Final positions
Champions Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal
Runners-up Flag of England.png England
Tournament details
Top point scorer England Christian Lewis-Pratt (191)
Top try scorer England Nick Royle (35)

The Seven’s Grand Prix Series 2011 is the tenth edition of the European Sevens Championship.

Format Edit

The twelve best nations played 4 different tournaments in Lyon, Moscow, Barcelona and Bucharest. The team that finished with the most points was declared European Champion. The last two teams were relegated in Division A.

Results Edit

Stages Edit

Date Venue Winner Runner-up Third
18–19 June Stade Vuillermet (Lyon) Flag of England.png England Flag of Spain.jpg Spain Flag of France.png France
25–26 June Annex of Stadium Loujniki (Moscow) Flag of England.png England Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal Flag of Spain.jpg Spain
9–10 July Olympic Stadium (Barcelona) Flag of Russia.png Russia Flag of Italy.png Italy Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal
16–17 July Arch of Triumph Stadium (Bucharest) Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal Flag of Spain.jpg Spain Flag of France.png France

Overall rankingEdit

# Teams Total
1 Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal 63
2 Flag of England.png England 62
3 Flag of Spain.jpg Spain 59
4 Flag of Russia.png Russia 52
5 Flag of France.png France 50
6 Flag of Georgia.png Georgia 35
7 Flag of Italy.png Italy 34
8 Flag of Wales.png Wales 30
9 Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine 20
10 Flag of Netherlands.png Netherlands 15
11 Flag of Romania.png Romania 11
12 Flag of Moldova.png Moldova 5

Best scorersEdit

# Name Points
1 Christian Lewis-Pratt (Flag of England.png England) 191
2 Nick Royle (Flag of England.png England) 175
3 Ignacio Martin (Flag of Spain.jpg Spain) 166
4 Carl Murray (Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal) 127
5 Leon Koenen (Flag of Netherlands.png Netherlands) 126
6 Dimitry Perov (Flag of Russia.png Russia) 108
7 Justin James (Flag of Wales.png Wales) 96
8 Vitalii Krasnodemsky (Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine) 93
- Pedro Martin (Flag of Spain.jpg Spain) 93
10 Paul Albaladejo (Flag of France.png France) 90

Best try scorersEdit

# Name Tries
1 Nick Royle (Flag of England.png England) 35
2 Pablo Feijoo (Flag of Spain.jpg Spain) 17
3 Duarte Moreira (Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal) 16
4 Vitalii Krasnodemsky (Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine) 15
- Pedro Martin (Flag of Spain.jpg Spain) 15
6 Fabrizio Sepe (Flag of Italy.png Italy) 14
7 Daniel Norton (Flag of England.png England) 13
- Carl Murray (Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal) 13
- John Brake (Flag of England.png England) 13
- Irakli Genenava (Flag of Georgia.png Georgia) 13
- Ignacio Martin (Flag of Spain.jpg Spain) 13
- Giorgi Kalmakhelidze (Flag of Georgia.png Georgia) 13

New entries in 2012 Edit

Because if its victory in Division A, Germany will play in Sevens Grand Prix Series in 2012. Scotland will also enter the competition in 2012. Romania and Moldova will play in Division A

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