2010 European Sevens Championship
Tournament details
Host nation Flag of Russia RUS
Dates 10 July – 11 July
Champions Gold medal blank Men: Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal
Women: Flag of Spain.jpg Spain

The 2010 European Sevens Championship was a rugby sevens competition, with the final held in Moscow, Russia. It was the ninth edition of the European Sevens championship. The event was organised by rugby's European governing body, the FIRA – Association of European Rugby (FIRA-AER).

Final standingsEdit

These are the final standings of the tournament:

Place Men Women
1st Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal Flag of Spain.jpg Spain
2nd Flag of France.png France Flag of Netherlands.png Netherlands
3rd Flag of Russia.png Russia Flag of France.png France
4th Flag of Spain.jpg Spain Flag of Italy.png Italy
5th Flag of Georgia.png Georgia Flag of England.png England
6th Flag of Romania.png Romania Flag of Russia.png Russia
7th Flag of Italy.png Italy Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal
8th Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine Flag of Germany.png Germany
9th Flag of Moldova.png Moldova Template:Country data SWE
10th Flag of Netherlands.png Netherlands Template:Country data FIN
11th Template:Country data LIT
12th 22x20px Poland

Results - Men Edit

Semi-Final Bowl

  • Moldova, 19 - Lithuania, 15
  • Netherlands, 17 - Poland, 15

Semi-Final Plate

  • Romania, 19 - Italy, 12
  • Georgia, 12 - Ukraine, 5

Semi-Final Cup

  • France, 19 - Russia, 5
  • Portugal, 17 - Spain, 12

match for place 11

  • Lithuania, 21 - Poland, 7

match for place 9 (Bowl-Final)

  • Moldova, 21 - Netherlands, 12

match for place 7

  • Ukraine, 24 - Italy, 17

match for place 5 (Plate-Final)

  • Georgia, 59 - Romania, 0

match for place 3

  • Russia, 22 - Spain, 10

Final: (Cup-Final)

  • Portugal, 12 - France, 5

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