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The Edinburgh Sevens is played annually as part of the IRB Sevens World Series for international rugby sevens (seven a side version of rugby union). The 2007 competition took place on 2nd and 3rd of June, and was held at Murrayfield. It was the last leg of the 2006–07 IRB Sevens World Series.

New Zealand won the tournament after defeating Samoa, 34–5, in the final. Fiji were upset by Wales, 21–14, in their quarter-final. A Fijian victory would have guaranteed them the overall 2006–07 Series crown, however, as a result of their loss and New Zealand's tournament victory, New Zealand won the overall series.

Pool StagesEdit

Pool AEdit

Team Pld W D L F A TOTAL
Flag of Fiji.png Fiji 330091129
Flag of Kenya.jpg Kenya 320139507
Flag of Australia.png Australia 310245515
Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal 300317793
  • Fiji 31–0 Kenya
  • Australia 26–5 Portugal
  • Fiji 31–5 Portugal
  • Australia 12–17 Kenya
  • Kenya 22–7 Portugal
  • Fiji 29–7 Australia

Pool BEdit

Team Pld W D L F A TOTAL
Flag of Samoa.png Samoa 330083269
Flag of Wales.png Wales 320185337
Flag of Italy.png Italy 310219795
Flag of France.png France 300324733
  • Samoa 21–14 Wales
  • France 0–19 Italy
  • Samoa 36–0 Italy
  • France 12–28 Wales
  • Wales 43–0 Italy
  • Samoa 26–12 France

Pool CEdit

Team Pld W D L F A TOTAL
Flag of Scotland.png Scotland 330074279
Flag of South Africa.png South Africa 320194417
Flag of Russia.png Russia 310224815
Flag of Canada.jpg Canada 300334773
  • South Africa 27–17 Canada
  • Scotland 19–5 Russia
  • South Africa 50–0 Russia
  • Scotland 31–5 Canada
  • Canada 12–19 Russia
  • South Africa 17–24 Scotland

Pool DEdit

Team Pld W D L F A TOTAL
Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand 3300114149
Flag of Argentina.png Argentina 320157507
Flag of England.png England 310238575
Flag of Georgia.png Georgia 300312983
  • New Zealand 33–7 Argentina
  • England 24–0 Georgia
  • New Zealand 43–7 Georgia
  • England 14–19 Argentina
  • Argentina 31–5 Georgia
  • New Zealand 38–0 England


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