The 2005 Rugby World Cup Sevens or the Melrose Cup was the 4th edition of the tournament and held in Hong Kong, China. All matches were played at Hong Kong Stadium. Fiji defeated New Zealand in the final to take the Melrose Cup for the second time, becoming the only team to have won the award twice.

Group stageEdit

Key to colours in group tables
Teams advanced to the Cup quarter-final
Teams advanced to the Plate quarter-final
Teams advanced to the Bowl quarter-final

Pool AEdit

Teams Pld W D L PF PA +/− Pts
Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand 550021117+9415
Flag of Scotland.png Scotland 540111498+1613
Flag of United States.png United States 520388145−579
Template:Country data IRL 520386140−549
Flag of South Korea.png South Korea 510466152−867
Flag of Tonga.jpg Tonga 51047285−137

Pool BEdit

Teams Pld W D L PF PA +/− Pts
Flag of England.png England 540115835+12313
Flag of France.png France 540113048+8213
Flag of Samoa.png Samoa 540112041+7913
Flag of Georgia.png Georgia 511356152−968
Flag of Chinese Taipei.png Chinese Taipei 510456157−1017
Flag of Italy.png Italy 501446133−872

Pool CEdit

Teams Pld W D L PF PA +/− Pts
Flag of Fiji.png Fiji 550014114+12715
Flag of Australia.png Australia 540113338+9513
Flag of Japan.png Japan 53024591−4611
Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal 52034078−389
Flag of Canada.jpg Canada 51047681−57
Flag of Hong Kong.png Hong Kong 50055138−1335

Pool CEdit

Teams Pld W D L PF PA +/− Pts
Flag of South Africa.png South Africa 540117348+12513
Flag of Argentina.png Argentina 540113848+9013
Flag of Tunisia.png Tunisia 53029370+2311
Flag of Russia.png Russia 520386170−849
Flag of Kenya.jpg Kenya 520375124−499
Flag of Uruguay.png Uruguay 500555160−1055

Play OffsEdit


Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Flag of South Korea.png South Korea  21
 Flag of Italy.png Italy  26  
 Flag of Italy.png Italy  28
     Flag of Kenya.jpg Kenya  15  
 Flag of Kenya.jpg Kenya  62
 Flag of Hong Kong.png Hong Kong  10  
 Flag of Italy.png Italy  7
   Flag of Canada.jpg Canada  5
 Flag of Canada.jpg Canada  39
 Flag of Uruguay.png Uruguay  0  
 Flag of Canada.jpg Canada  7
     Flag of Tonga.jpg Tonga  0  
 Flag of Chinese Taipei.png Chinese Taipei  19
 Flag of Tonga.jpg Tonga  28  


Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Flag of United States.png United States  0
 Flag of Georgia.png Georgia  24  
 Flag of Georgia.png Georgia  5
     Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal  29  
 Flag of Tunisia.png Tunisia  12
 Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal  21  
 Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal  7
   Flag of Samoa.png Samoa  29
 Flag of Japan.png Japan  5
 Flag of Russia.png Russia  29  
 Flag of Russia.png Russia  12
     Flag of Samoa.png Samoa  19  
 Flag of Samoa.png Samoa  19
 Template:Country data IRL  14  


Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand  33
 Flag of France.png France  7  
 Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand  24
     Flag of Australia.png Australia  20  
 Flag of South Africa.png South Africa  14
 Flag of Australia.png Australia  15  
 Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand  19
   Flag of Fiji.png Fiji  29
 Flag of Fiji.png Fiji  22
 Flag of Argentina.png Argentina  14  
 Flag of Fiji.png Fiji  24
     Flag of England.png England  19  
 Flag of England.png England  36
 Flag of Scotland.png Scotland  0  
Team roster

Serevi, Bobo, Delasau, Ryder, Vunibaka,

Naevo, Roko, Rawaqa, Daunivucu,

Nabuliwaqa, Ligairi, V. Satala, A. Satala

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