The 2001 Rugby World Cup Sevens or the Melrose Cup was the 3rd edition of the tournament and held in Argentina. New Zealand defeated Australia to win the tournament for the first time. This was the first major rugby event ever held in South America.

Group stageEdit

Key to colours in group tables
Teams advanced to the Cup quarter-final
Teams advanced to the Plate quarter-final
Teams advanced to the Bowl quarter-final

Pool AEdit

Teams Pld W D L PF PA +/− Pts
Flag of Fiji.png Fiji 550015936+12315
Flag of Argentina.png Argentina 540115759+9813
Flag of South Korea.png South Korea 5212106101+511
Flag of Russia.png Russia 520359108−499
Template:Country data IRE 511372131−588
Flag of Kenya.jpg Kenya 500548166−1185

Pool BEdit

Teams Pld W D L PF PA +/− Pts
Flag of South Africa.png South Africa 550014319+12415
Flag of Canada.jpg Canada 530211360+5311
Flag of Cook Islands.png Cook Islands 53026967+211
Flag of Georgia.png Georgia 52036279−179
Flag of France.png France 52037369+49
Flag of Chinese Taipei.png Chinese Taipei 500521187−1665

Pool CEdit

Teams Pld W D L PF PA +/− Pts
Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand 550017514+16115
Flag of England.png England 53029252+4011
Flag of Spain.jpg Spain 53026662+411
Flag of Japan.png Japan 530243100−5711
Flag of Chile.png Chile 51043683−477
Flag of Zimbabwe.png Zimbabwe 500538139−1015

Pool CEdit

Teams Pld W D L PF PA +/− Pts
Flag of Australia.png Australia 550017222+15015
Flag of Samoa.png Samoa 5401139111+2813
Flag of Wales.png Wales 52128689−310
Flag of United States.png United States 520378130−529
Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal 511379110−318
Flag of Hong Kong.png Hong Kong 500529121−925

Play OffsEdit


Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Template:Country data IRE  24
 Flag of Chinese Taipei.png Chinese Taipei  19  
 Template:Country data IRE  12
     Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal  26  
 Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal  19
 Flag of Zimbabwe.png Zimbabwe  14  
 Flag of Portugal.jpg Portugal  19
   Flag of Chile.png Chile  21
 Flag of Chile.png Chile  19
 Flag of Hong Kong.png Hong Kong  14  
 Flag of Chile.png Chile  35
     Flag of Kenya.jpg Kenya  12  
 Flag of France.png France  7
 Flag of Kenya.jpg Kenya  12  


Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Flag of South Korea.png South Korea  19
 Flag of Georgia.png Georgia  24  
 Flag of Georgia.png Georgia  17
     Flag of Wales.png Wales  10  
 Flag of Wales.png Wales  21
 Flag of Japan.png Japan  7  
 Flag of Georgia.png Georgia  12
   Flag of Russia.png Russia  24
 Flag of Spain.jpg Spain  21
 Flag of United States.png United States  5  
 Flag of Spain.jpg Spain  7
     Flag of Russia.png Russia  26  
 Flag of Cook Islands.png Cook Islands  10
 Flag of Russia.png Russia  26  


Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Flag of Fiji.png Fiji  21
 Flag of Canada.jpg Canada  5  
 Flag of Fiji.png Fiji  14
     Flag of Australia.png Australia  22  
 Flag of Australia.png Australia  33
 Flag of England.png England  5  
 Flag of Australia.png Australia  12
   Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand  31
 Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand  45
 Flag of Samoa.png Samoa  7  
 Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand  31
     Flag of Argentina.png Argentina  7  
 Flag of South Africa.png South Africa  12
 Flag of Argentina.png Argentina  14  

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